Why does this feel like setting up an dating profile?


Sep 18, 2018
Hi there!

My name is Kim, I have been gaming for as long as I can remember, at least two weeks or so *ba dum tsss!* Naah.. I was brought up on the NES and and played on most of the consoles up until PS3. I have ofc played on PC since the horrible days of dial-up modems. For the last many years I have only played on PC as my stiff craftsmans fingers cant handle the controllers anymore.
When I game I usually stick to FPS games, so these days Im playing Squad on the daily and sometimes I play a bit of Far Cry 5 as its great for some co-op fun. But in generel im open to try almost every game, so if you have some good suggestions please let me know :)

Thanks for letting me into this great community, I have already had some great hours with you guys over in Squad and sure hope for a lot more!