Vehicle Solo


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Jan 13, 2019
So I was kicked recently after my driver died repairing our BTR-80A. I tried to reach the mainbase in order to repair our engine. The round was almost coming to an end and it would have taken at least another 10 minutes to reach the base with such a slow pace. So I decided it would be tactically more significant if I turn around and set up somewhere a long the main road leading to the defensive flag in play. I got kicked instantly by an admin.

You shouldn't overestimate this rule about soloing vehicles and it surprises me that admins don't even try to interact with the playerbase before issuing a kick. Kicking crewmen for this harms the team and diminishes a tactical advantage, since the APC is now completely abandoned.

I come from Project Reality and every sane admin there would understand if your vehicle is basically detracked or heavily damaged it makes more sense to wait for repairs on spot or make a last stand especially when the round is almost over.


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Jul 25, 2018
Hi Blacktea,

This rule has been a discussion internally and we are working on re-writing the rule (I have expanded on the written rule yesterday even)
I will have a chat with the admins involved as this rule has a history of being enforced too quickly and vigorously without admin discretion.

Currently the rule stands as following:
Do not solo heavy vehicles. 2 players are required for Strykers, BTRs, Warriors, Bradleys etc, vehicles you need a crewman kit for > They cost 10 tickets or more when destroyed.) This is to cut down on the amount of incidents where people attempt to use vehicles by themselves and end up wasting valuable assets.
* Might the crew lose someone in the heat of the moment while in battle, then they are allowed to defend themselves for a short period of time and return to main/a HAB to repair and retrieve their crewman compagnion as fast as possible.
** Admin discretion and common sense weighs heavily. preferably contact the crew if possible.

I hope you still enjoy our server besides this silly incident.

~ Ice.