TLR Structure

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Jul 25, 2018




Clan Leaders




Emu West





Squad (Comp Squad) Leader - Orbit - James - - J

Squad (Casual) Leader - James - J

Star Citizen Leader - IcemanZ

Guild Wars 2 Leader - Lean

Dungeons & Dragons DM - Halberdude - Pigeon

Counter Strike - TheDeathKnight - 2IC 3ler4never

Random Games - MorrisX

Graphics Team Leader - Falldown

Development Team Leader - James

Recruiter Team Leader - CreatrixVaratio - Fatfish

Content Creator Team Leader - CreatrixVaratio

Events Team Leader - Sam

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Emu West

Clan Leader
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Aug 1, 2018
Founders are those who created the community and have ultimate power over any decision that are made by anyone. They will however take into consideration the opinions of those relevant.
⦁ Founders are in charge of anything financial.
⦁ Founders are the ones who will be responsible for removing members from [TLR] when they are issued their third warning.
⦁ Founders play a large part in the direction in which the community is going.
⦁ Founders also are the final say in any disputes between lower positions if they are needed to make that call.

Clan Leaders
Clan leaders are responsible for the day to day running of the communtiy.
⦁ Clan leaders are be responsible for creating community wide rules and policies and passing them out to section leaders and moderators, seeing they are enforced correctly.
⦁ Clan leaders will be the first port of call for section leads and moderators if they have an issue. To keep less work of the founders, if it then needs to be passed up the chain it will be done by the clan leaders.
⦁ Clan leaders have oversight over all sections and moderators to make sure the community is running smoothly
⦁ Clan leaders are also equal to one founder vote. That vote will be used to break deadlock or used in other situations when needed.
⦁ Clan leaders are also responsible for moderating discord and forums.
⦁ Clan leaders will also be responsible for the removable of members. On their third official warning.

Section Leaders
Section leaders are responsible for their own section, which may be a group of people doing a job such as recruiters or a game such as squad or guild wars which has a large player base within the community.

⦁ Section leaders will be responsible for implementing game specific rules within their section and seeing they are upheld, on top of community wide rules
⦁ Section leaders are responsible for organising their sections and the inner workings of it, such as creating competitive sides within their own section.
⦁ Section leaders are able to create jobs within their own section to aid in the running of that section.
⦁ Section leader are also responsible for moderating their own section if needed.

Moderators are responsible for the general well being of the community and making sure rules are upheld.

⦁ Moderators are responsible for holding up the rules held by the community, by cleaning chats of inappropriate comments or other materials.
⦁ Moderators are part of the disciplinary process when required.


Recruiters are responsible for a persons first steps into becoming a full member of the community.
⦁ Recruiters are responsible for the induction talk to the community.
⦁ Recruiters are responsible for making sure the recruit is fit for the community.
⦁ Recruiters are responsible for the recruit's three week process into becoming a full member.

Graphics Team

Graphics Team are there to help with any graphic content that the community is needing.
⦁ Graphics team members will work on any graphics content request if they are available to do so.
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