sup it's Comfy


Oct 14, 2019
Hello all. I've been playing PR off-and-on again around 2010-2012, then a year of EVE online, then I had a break in games until like 2016, and finally came back to Squad bigtime recently after playing a bit of older alphas (v8 was when I bought the game, but only now I'm dedicating a lot of time into it). Excited to come back to Squad now that it has helicopters (mobility finally unlocks the whole map with less predictable flanks and HABs). I've been looking for a group of players who understand that there's time for goofing off on comms, but also a time to keep them clear and support our team. Basic stuff, but with the popularity of Squad the veteran playerbase is a bit overburdened with the newcomers who don't put that much care into comms.

I play to win, so infantry I've been always taking medic & rifleman, been doing truck logi dedicated 1-mans, too. Now I wanna branch out into being a reliable AT, heli pilot (been playing a lot of that Elite Dangerous and practicing helis ever since v16 test was in) and dabble in crewing tanks. Eventually I wanna SL infantry, still getting used to the overall flow of battle to have a general idea when to defend, and when to push.

Excited to play Squad with you, and other games too! I'm interested in a bit of Rust and Deep Rock Galactic.