Squad Rules

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Aug 3, 2018
Seeding Rules

1 - Fight over the middle point(s), 1 or 2 caps depending on layer.
2 - Build FOBs and HABs on the cap behind the middle points.
3 - Use Logistics and Transport trucks only.

4 - Don't seek out or engage enemy FOBs and HABs.
5 - Don't construct any mounted weapons or emplacements.

The server is only live when an admin has broadcasted saying this is the case.
Seeding will typically take place until the server reaches 25v25, at this point you can ask admins whether the server is live or not.

All our regular rules (below) apply on top of the above.

Server Rules

1 - Communicate using English in Command (Language based Squads are fine if named as such “GER mic” for example).

2 - Squad Leaders need to have a microphone and communicate with their Squad and Squad Leaders.

3 - Squad Leaders should be using an SL kit at all times.

4 - Squad Leaders can kick for any reason they see fit, as long as not in breach of rule 12.

5 - All Squads should be playing the objectives or contributing to the team meaningfully.

6 - All vehicles that have a crewman driver and gunner seat require at least 2 crewmen (open top or exterior operated weapons are exempt from this).

7 - You can lock your Squad as long as you have 2 other Squad mates (1+2) (Vehicle, Logistics and Admin squads are exempt from this rule).

8 - The first Squad to claim a vehicle (via Squad name) has ownership of said vehicle for the match unless they say otherwise (ask through command channel).

9 - Camping main is permitted as long as one viable exit from the enemy main is left unhindered.

10 - Do not give away any useful information in all chat, ticket counts, FOB locations, etc

11 - Don’t advertise other clans or gambling sites with name, voice or text (Twitch URLs are exempt from this rule)

12 - Homophobia, Sexism, Racism, all forms of discrimination and anything deemed harassment or toxicity will get you removed from the server.

13 - Do not mic spam or play music down the mic.

14 - Do not exploit, troll or glitch on the server, this includes placing radios inside other deployables.

15 - Never intentionally teamkill, including for revenge, if you accidentally teamkill immediately acknowledge so and apologise in all chat.

16 - Don’t create a Squad then immediately leave it, or pass SL.

17 - Do not take a full 9 man Squad for mortars, superfobs, TOWs or helicopters.

18 - Wasting assets (usually vehicles), depending on severity, is against the server rules and will come down to admin discretion.

For most, if not all, of the above rules you will recieve a warning first, then a kick or ban depending on severity. If you take issue with any of our enforcement then please contact an admin in #server-admin-help in our discord.

This list is not necessarily comprehensive. Whether something is fit for the server is a decision made by the server admins. If an admin tells you to stop doing something, listen to them.
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