Perma ban appeal/offworld industires guidlines!!


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Aug 26, 2019
I would like good reason for why I was banned. I have played squad for a long time and have had no other grievances for playing on ther servers. The reason I was given was because I was giving death threats!? (which is false!) I believe this is against guidelines of offworld indiustries and I have video proof of one of your admins "abusing" hos role. Toxic behavior like this is why new players might shy away from this game because of this type of behavior. It was around 19:00 and the playes name was (i) Ramen i think. I'm sure you will revoke this ban and have the player in question apologise to me otherwise I will forward this information towards the correct department at Offword industires in regards to the gross misuse of these server privilages.

Can a license be revoked? [ UPDATED 7 December 2016]

Yes. It can happen if the dev team becomes aware that a licensed server is doing something grossly contrary to one or more of our guidelines. This can include things like:

~ Abuse of in game administration powers.

~ Lack of administrative presence.

! For those who rent their hardware, moving your game server to poor hardware or hosting alongside too many other game servers. Our server health system is displayed for each server by color. As a licensed server it will be your responsibility to stay in good server health.

GREEN : Good Server Health
YELLOW: Average Server Health
RED: Poor Server Health

~ Promoting poor in game culture, contrary to Squad’s goals of teamwork and communication oriented gameplay.
~ Facilitating an environment which is hostile to new players.
~ Failing to use “vanilla” Squad files.

~ Licensed servers that use game server providers must notify Offworld Industries when they switch providers. Switching from an approved licensed server provider to a non approved server provider is prohibited.
~ Intentional exploitation of game bugs, or trying to crash and/or cause harm to another server by you, as the server owner, or representatives of your community, could lead to your server license(s) being revoked.

Please note that once we have issued a license, we will work with the community involved before revoking a license unless there is a very serious violation of our guidelines. In the event that we consider revoking a license, the circumstances will be analyzed carefully and on a case-by-case basis, and the server owner will be notified via the email on their server license application.

I look forward to hearing from you


Dec 29, 2018
Any sort of behaviour like death threats, even if a joke we take seriously. This ban most likely wont be changed.


Section Leader
Aug 3, 2018
Hello there informedpanda,

I regret to inform you that the ban imposed on you will stand. You were banned for absuing members and making death threats resulting in you being banned from our server permanently.

If you wish to take this up with OWI feel free to do so, the actions taken were not in breach of the licensing guidelines as the admin powers were not abused in this case.

Have a lovely day.
- Hayden [TLR Section Leader]