Liudom's Introduction Speech


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May 13, 2019
Hey comrades!

Not to sure on what to say, never really planned this out.
My name is Dean but Liudom (Lu-Dom to pronounce) is fine. Looking at the other intro's kinda put me to shame, I'm no pro or semi-pro and I mostly get my behind handed to me unless its on FIFA.

I have been playing games since the 90's, owned all kinds of consoles so I'm no newbie to the gaming world. I love all kinds of games, (50% love for FIFA) but I do have a new found relationship with Mordhau. I'm a heavy Siege player though (Alpha player and I'm the mug that buys the pass every year) so I'm always game for some tactical ownage.

I work for Sony, so yeah I get all kinds of scoops and access to PS (Ewwww console but hey its a job..) which means I'm available to roam these forums all day, so expect to see me hang about on the corners more often.

I literally play football 5 times a week, so I'm a little limited to game time but I do try play as much as I can.

That's me in a nutshell in terms of the gaming world.
See you on the battlefield!
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