Henlo, it is I, Hanna


Nov 30, 2018
Hello everyone reading this, my name is Hanna :)

Soooo. I am 20 years old, female -if you havent guessed it already - and i love gaming.
I love to play RPGs like Witcher 3, but also shooters like Overwatch, Destiny 2, Team Fortess 2 and what not. And LoL, of course.
I always really enjoyed MMORPGs, thats why i started playing gw2. Since playing alone isn‘t as much fun as playing with others, i started looking for a Guild, which wasn‘t as easy as I thought. But with the power of Reddit, i found TLR, which sounded like a place i would fit in.

A little more about myself;
-My heart belongs to the Punk/Metal scene. So basically all I wear is black and all i listen to is screaming guys.
-I speak bosnian, french, english, german and a little italian. So if you wanna speak to me in any other language than english; feel free!
-I adore dogs. Really. I could talk about dogs for ever! And my own dog Mila, of course, is the light of my life.
-I love to draw. So if you are interested in a new tattoo; hit me up.
-I am going to study Astrophysics next Fall. Right now i am working in a nursing home.
-I am weird, a memelord and kind of crazy
-I am a Buddhist.

I think thats about it.
I hope y‘all have a nice day and we will see each other - digitally - soon.

Hanna <3

Flying Saucer

Dec 24, 2018
Hi, Hanna!

Nice to meet you! I hope you prepare and do well in your astrophysics studies.
I'ts good to hear about peoples intrests, so thank you for sharing them!

Best regards,
Flying Saucer