Hello, people! c:

Oct 30, 2018
Hey! I'm Leowulfe, but you can call me Leo.
I hail from the cold northern wastes of Finland and am a game development student.
I do all kinds of things, which include (but are definitely not limited to): Composing, 3D-modeling, graphic design/digital painting, voice acting, 3D-printing, audio+SFX design and so on.
I am fluent in both Finnish and English, I can pronounce french but do not understand or speak it, my swedish is conversational and my german is on a small-talk level, though I do have an almost native pronunciation.
I served for 347 days in the Finnish defence forces as a Leopard 2a6 gunner and completed my (obligatory) service last June and was moved to the reserves.

I look forward to playing with you all!