Hello ma fellow gamers.


Dec 9, 2018
Hello fellow gamers of TLRGaming.

Whom am I? Well, that's easy, I'm a 24 y/o brown haried, blue eyed homie from Denmark (You can address me with 3 different names, Dennis, Noversy or Denneh or if ya wanna make it short, king.)

What do you do for work? At the moment, nothing, as I just finished up a course with psychology (PGI basically)

What did I do before that? I was taking an education as a web-designer. But dropped out as it got boring for me.

What type of games do you play tho? I play all kinds of games, from MOBA's to MMORPG's to FPS's.

What games do ya play?
CSGO (sometimes)
Rainbow Six Siege.
Guild Wars.
World of Warcraft (not so much nowadays as the game is getting boring)
Black Desert Online.
League of Legends (yea, I know)
And others, which I won't include cus the list can go on and on...

What kind of person are you King? Pretty layed back, with a weird sense of humor, so if i say something weird, don't take it too lightly. I'm a pretty open person as well, so If you got any questions regarding anything, don't hesitate to ask :)!

Best regards, the crazy King.