Have I been banned?


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Apr 22, 2019
Wow nice experience tonight. Completely ruined my enjoyment of the evening and hoping for a good game on a decent server.

Considering your server message says to talk to TLR members if you're new, nobody took a moment to give a shit if I was new or not. Before TKing me and apparently banning me! I haven't even done anything wrong!

I mentioned the TK in general chat and nobody gives a shit.

All squads were full so I made my own, took a logi and called my squad "Supplies".
I'm not completely new. I have read the wiki and learnt logistics.

Who is OpFor prefix on names? Is that TLR players tag when playing on the other side?

I drive towards the HAB near the front lines. Player "Opfor Igloo" (or similar) is asking what I'm doing driving a logi around.
At no point did I hear that he wanted supplies.
Just repeated "What are you doing" so I replied "driving supplies".
I also wrote in the chat, and asked if am I allowed to lock a squad if I am doing supply runs.

I decide to park a bit further back away from the base which is being captured and await to see who or where wanted supplies.

Next thing I know I am shot at almost point blank range by this "Opfor Igloo", without so much as to try explain to me on local comms (instead of taking up SL comms) what I am doing wrong (if anything......!) or try to explain that he wanted supplies for his tank.
I had no idea he wanted supplies for his tank! All I heard was him about 3 times asking what I was doing with the logi, and I replied, voice and text.

So he just TK's me.....

I mention it in chat and nobody gives a toss.

Now I cannot see your server on the list. So I have been banned. For trying to be a team player and help provide logi runs with supplies.?



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Jul 23, 2018
Hi @SgtDemon ,

First off I would like to apologize for your experience on the TLR server.

OpFor is not affiliated with TLR and is a completely different gaming group to us, I will look into the matter and if you have any supporting material that would be appreciated.

You may be having difficulties seeing our server currently as we are getting attacked via a DDoS.


Thanks for playing and I hope to see you again soon.


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Apr 22, 2019
OK thanks. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I checked a Squad server list website and it appeared your server was still online so I jumped to a conclusion.
Also I was very miffed about this hence my disgruntled post, I apologise.

Considering there were many TLR players on, nobody seemed bothered about the blatant TK, which was disappointing.

Anyway thanks for clearing it up.
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