Greetings, comrades!

Dec 4, 2018
Your resident KGB agent, Craiberk here to tell you a bit about myself. I am a 29 y/o Яussian who currently works hard to take over Sweeden from the inside, for the glory of Motherland. Aside from Russian I am capable of conveying my intent using sound frequencies and/or character patterns of Swedish and English languages.

IRL I am a huge computer nerd and a bit of a weeb. My PC is my life, my lifetime partner ever since I was 11 and child at the same time. Whenever I am not at work, I can always be found in front of my screen, arguing on the dem interwebz, watching videos or playing various RPGs, MMO or otherwise. My job has sort of irregular schedule however, so whenever i disappear off to work, it is safe to assume that i will be gone for at least a couple of days.
I love being of use to people, both in-game and IRL, so if you want my help with anything - feel free to ask. It is my firm belief that people need to help each other and that the best way to change the world to your vision - is to start with oneself.

After a disastrous launch of Beta for Azerite, I decided to retire from my (almost uninterrupted) more-than-a-decade long WoW career. I am an experienced PVE player, raider and mythic+ dungeon runner(something akin to GW2's fractals) who plays all sorts of healing and tanking classes, the more difficult and involved the better. Not much for PvP though.
I also am a proud owner of a burning desire to get into PnP and eventually start DMing. But since committing to something like that requires commitment, these plans are on permanent hold until further notice.

That would be pretty much that.
Cheers o/
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