"Do not solo heavy vehicles" rule discussion

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Jan 12, 2019
Rule #15 as of 12.01.2019
Do not solo heavy vehicles. 2 players are required for Strykers, BTRs, Warriors, Bradleys etc, vehicles you need a crewman kit for > They cost 10 tickets or more when destroyed.) This is to cut down on the amount of incidents where people attempt to use vehicles by themselves and end up wasting valuable assets.

Today we had an incident with T72 getting his engine destroyed and crewman (or 2) killed, during repair attempt. As of current state of the game, it's practically impossible to drive such vehicle back to main or even repair station without repairs with a crewman's toolbox. But exiting the tank in such situation is a suicide unless you have enemies eliminated, and leaving tank unattended is even worse and break the vehicle balance between teams. Admins warned survived tank crew, that using guns aren't allowed, which is effectively "abandoning" tank on enemy territory.

I think the rule application should be revised. Vehicle crew should be given a right to defend themselves with any means, if casualties taken on the field. Their intention should be to reunite, of course, but forcing the rule the way it's done right now brings more disbalance than anything else.

Is there a reason why crew which took casualties in the field should not be able to defend itself (i.e. attempt to save the vehicle and give a chance for reuniting)? Arguably, not defending a vehicle in such situation will only being more "incidents where people attempt to use vehicles by themselves and end up wasting valuable assets." (rule citation). Even further, it's sabotaging friendly team, as tank crew is aware of the enemies around them, have firepower but do not use it to help the team to recover the most powerful team asset.

Here's a footage of the incident and the discussion which took place after it. I will leave timecodes to jump to the important parts in the comment of the video. (currently being processed, I gonna post it before it's finished)

5:40 - tank's engine being hit
6:11 - 1st crewman being killed
7:40 - tank is driving max speed trying to run away
x:xx - tank's last crewman is dead?
14:00 - tank destroyed

Admins participated:

P.S.: there's a typo in the current rule "They cost 10 tickets ore more" -> or instead of ore I suppose


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Jul 25, 2018
Okay so I understand your situation and this is indeed a fault on ZXE's part of urging too much maybe. (gonorea is not an admin but a regular very faminliar with the rules) He obviously didn't take in to account that the vehicle was disabled and the crew, who was not aware of the enemies around them, who were likely not really expirienced.. Being taken out. To add myself, they were taken out and outplayed well. And the rule is not wrong and stands as is. Heavy vehicles should not be one manned. And if a crewman gets taken out that's too bad and return to a point of repair and a new crewman as fast as possible.We do have room for admin discretion and I will be taking this higher up to discuss.

~ Ice
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