Ban Appeal


New member
Nov 23, 2019
Date and Time : 21/11/2019 somewhere around midnight in Lithuanian time.
Game : Squad
In-Game Name : Fox
Reason for ban : Glitching a radio, disrespecting the admin
Steam 64 ID : 76561198153985185

Dear Sir/Madam who is reading this ban appeal.
I have just recently discovered your server (maybe few days ago) and have enjoyed playing there. The thing is that I was previously always playing in other servers where radio glitching is not viewed as a problem and no one really cares about it thus I was completely clueless of it being illegal in your server. So now I know and will never use this glitch or any other glitch ever again. The whole thing about disrespecting the admin is a huge misunderstanding. The whole situation arose when I was a leading a squad and placed the HAB on top of the FOB and later we got hammered by the infantry to the point when they where already climbing upstairs into our HAB. So I was under a huge stress with the intense CQB and all the local, squad and squad leader coms going crazy. O top of that a friendly armor rolled in an started shooting so I heard close to nothing. And this was the moment an admin of your server walked to me an started informing me in local com that in was not allowed to glitch the HAB on your server (only my speculation cuz I heard literally nothing) . On top of me not hearing anything what other say, being stressed to the maximum I didn't know that it was the admin who was talking to me and thought that it was some guy just saying bs and trolling so I got caught in the moment and told him to and I quote ,,Shut up and fight!'' and proceeded fighting for the cap point and then got kicked out of the server . I didn't mean to disrespect the admin because I simply didn't know he was one in the first place and am really sorry. I'm generally a friendly and understanding person and in a normal and calm circumstances would listen to everything he has to say and of course never glitch the radio ever again. I fully understand the reason I got kicked out of server for and deeply apologize for my behavior again and hope you will review this ban appeal and understand all the circumstances I was under.

Kind regards.