Ban Apeal


New member
Mar 8, 2019
Banned Today Because OF TK
Reason: Had defences (20 sandbags) built up to block/delay people geting up into the hab and to protect my squad from our defence point on the cap, Then Castiel Spawns on my fob and decides he will dig up my sandbags i repeatly asked him on coms to stop and told him he can get out the window and not to destroy our defences he shit talks me and continues to dig wasting our resources and time and puting my squad and fob at risk while we are getting attacked so i team killed him to prevent that. I understand that teamkilling is not acceptable and have never really done it without reason but i will start to report players now who abuse/sabotage at the end of the day im trying to protect my squad and fob that's all.



Section Leader
Aug 3, 2018
Hello Boris,

After speaking to you in a voice channel and hearing your side of the story I have reduced the ban to only 3 days. I understand the actions you took were in the interest of protecting your squad however intentionally team killing is not the way to go about it. If someone is showing toxic behaviour towards you or someone in your squad then you gather evidence and report them on our discord. Due to this being the second offence within a 4 day period the next time you fail to follow the rules in place on our server you will be given a 1 month ban.

- Hayden