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  1. xCausxn


    Have never got into it :P
  2. xCausxn

    Section Leader?

    We are currently in the process of selecting a section leader, and they are working behind the scenes on some cool stuff.
  3. xCausxn

    Liudom's Introduction Speech

    Welcome to the TLR Community :) PC master race but I still own all the consoles haha
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    Return back to TLR - Website Issue

    Feedback is awesome, thanks for applying to TLR :)
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    Hey Perry, Welcome to the TLR Community :D
  6. xCausxn

    Have I been banned?

    Hi @SgtDemon , First off I would like to apologize for your experience on the TLR server. OpFor is not affiliated with TLR and is a completely different gaming group to us, I will look into the matter and if you have any supporting material that would be appreciated. You may be having...
  7. xCausxn

    Vanguard: Normandy 1944 Giveaway

    We recently setup a server for Vanguard: Normandy 1944 and thought why not do a quick giveaway to give someone else a chance to play this game. It has recently launched in early access but has great potential :) To enter please reply to this post and I will do the result this evening using a...
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    Welcome to TLR, the fields shall be red :P
  9. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    drunk estranged uncle
  10. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    ... lets put a
  11. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    the friendly DJ
  12. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    your favourite uncle
  13. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    oh yeah yeah
  14. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    wanted a wall
  15. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    a knuckles appeared
  16. xCausxn

    New Here

    Welcome @Am3rica Shameless plugs always works, case and point :) Great to have you with us
  17. xCausxn

    Donations and Whitelists

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for being interested in donating to TLRGaming, it really does help the community with providing the best quality servers for the player bases of multiple different games. Anyone can donate however if you are looking to receive a reserved slot on our servers you need to make...
  18. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    on the tip
  19. xCausxn

    Map Rotations

    Thanks for letting me know Gono, we switched it to that from RAAS but should be ok to switch it back now !
  20. xCausxn

    H e l l o

    Welcome :)