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  1. Gonoreya [SLO]

    Ban Appeal

    Can confirm Friendly fire,people running like headless chickens
  2. Gonoreya [SLO]

    Map Rotations

    Let's make it official I suggest swapping one Al Basrah INV v2 which is in 3 rotations,to Al Basrah RAAS That's loads of fun with two more or less equal factions Even though Echo says people complaint about Al Basrah RAAS,people also moan on many Skirmish layers I skipped seeding Skirmish...
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  4. Gonoreya [SLO]

    inappropriate use of server ban

    You can see who banned you,wait for his side
  5. Gonoreya [SLO]

    Map Rotations

    Map rotation 3 Al Basrah RAAS v1 is MIL vs INS Logar valley RAAS v1 is US vs MIL You are twice MIL
  6. Gonoreya [SLO]

    Map Rotations

    Rotation 1 Gorodok AAS v1 RUS vs US Chora AAS v1 US vs RUS Gorodok AAS v1 is RUS vs MIL Was MIL on Gorodok,on Chora we should be RUS but we are US You are RUS two times in a row
  7. Gonoreya [SLO]

    Map Rotations

    Maybe it's not my place to say it,but ... Were you on training server and doing map changes one by one as on list? OWI sometimes makes small changes and that fuck's up rotation. Instead of opposite factions you can easily be 3 times in a row same one It happened frequently in the past And...
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    Hello,some of you already know me So yeah,hi