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  1. IcemanZ

    Ban Appeal

    Hi Bat, Seems to be an autoban by the server so you should be unbanned now (Expires in 24h). Shame for the ban and TK's. Hope to still see you as a regular on the server. ~Ice
  2. IcemanZ

    Ban Appeal

    Hi doc, This wasn't on our server as we have no ban on record under your name and 64id. The last time you were on our server was 23 days ago. Cheers, ~ Ice
  3. IcemanZ

    Ban Appeal

  4. IcemanZ

    Ban Appeal

    You were literally never banned on our server. You joining just an hour ago is your first time on any of our servers even.. You might have mistaken ours with 'The Smoking Rifles's
  5. IcemanZ

    Ban Appeal

    Hi Virtuoso, I can't find a ban under your name. Is there a specific message when you get disconnected from our server? (And is it even our server...) If you were autobanned by the server it would be for excessive teamkilling which is a 24h ban. I can't help you any further. Hope to see you as...
  6. IcemanZ


    Hi, Fortunately you have been a behaving member too ;) Best to you as well man! ~ Ice
  7. IcemanZ

    Vehicle Solo

    Hi Blacktea, This rule has been a discussion internally and we are working on re-writing the rule (I have expanded on the written rule yesterday even) I will have a chat with the admins involved as this rule has a history of being enforced too quickly and vigorously without admin discretion...
  8. IcemanZ

    "Do not solo heavy vehicles" rule discussion

    * This matter has been resolved and the rule #15 has been elaborated.
  9. IcemanZ

    "Do not solo heavy vehicles" rule discussion

    Okay so I understand your situation and this is indeed a fault on ZXE's part of urging too much maybe. (gonorea is not an admin but a regular very faminliar with the rules) He obviously didn't take in to account that the vehicle was disabled and the crew, who was not aware of the enemies around...
  10. IcemanZ

    inappropriate use of server ban

    Hi Michael, There is no ban on record that's linked to your steam account that's linked on our website. Nor is there a ban on record for slowly loading a vehicle. This might have been mistaken for trolling like saucer suggested but that would have been a warning/kick. BUT there isn't even a...
  11. IcemanZ

    Good day fellows

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  13. IcemanZ

    The MobLegend Arrives

  14. IcemanZ

    Hello awesome people

  15. IcemanZ

    Hello ma fellow gamers.

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    Greetings, comrades!

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    H e l l o

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    Hi, I'm Eddie Cyberpunk

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    Yaight bois