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  1. xCausxn


    Welcome to TLR, the fields shall be red :P
  2. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    drunk estranged uncle
  3. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    ... lets put a
  4. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    the friendly DJ
  5. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    your favourite uncle
  6. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    oh yeah yeah
  7. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    wanted a wall
  8. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    a knuckles appeared
  9. xCausxn

    New Here

    Welcome @Am3rica Shameless plugs always works, case and point :) Great to have you with us
  10. xCausxn

    Donations and Whitelists

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for being interested in donating to TLRGaming, it really does help the community with providing the best quality servers for the player bases of multiple different games. Anyone can donate however if you are looking to receive a reserved slot on our servers you need to make...
  11. xCausxn

    3 Word Game

    on the tip
  12. xCausxn

    Map Rotations

    Thanks for letting me know Gono, we switched it to that from RAAS but should be ok to switch it back now !
  13. xCausxn

    H e l l o

    Welcome :)
  14. xCausxn

    Hi, I'm Eddie Cyberpunk

    Welcome :D
  15. xCausxn

    Hi Everyoone

    Welcome @Zaykolsilver :)
  16. xCausxn

    Hi guys

    Hey @Serina moon light , Welcome to TLR :D
  17. xCausxn

    Hello, people!

    Welcome to the TLR Forums @Matgr , Hope you have a great time playing GW2 with the community :D
  18. xCausxn


    Hey @Chris, Welcome to the TLR Forums :D
  19. xCausxn

    The need for seed!

    The need for seed!
  20. xCausxn


    Hey Hey @NavoNod