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  1. xCausxn

    Donations and Whitelists

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for being interested in donating to TLRGaming, it really does help the community with providing the best quality servers for the player bases of multiple different games. Anyone can donate however if you are looking to receive a reserved slot on our servers you need to make...
  2. xCausxn

    Squad Map Rotation [2018-09-21]

    Server Map Rotation Fool's Road AAS V3 Kohat AAS V1 OP First Light AAS V1 Al Basrah Invasion V1 Yehorivka AAS V3 Chora AAS V1 Belaya Invasion V2 Gorodok AAS V4 Kokan AAS V1 Logar Valley INS V1 Sumari AAS V2 Chora PAAS V1 Kohat Invasion V1 Al Basrah PAAS V1 Gorodok AAS V3 Narva Invasion V2 OP...
  3. xCausxn

    Our Game Servers

    Our Game Servers Squad Please vote for the server above: Post Scriptum
  4. xCausxn

    Discord Game Ranks

    The Group System: On our Discord server we have a group system, you can add yourself to specific game groups and when people need to send a message that only relates to a certain group, they can mention that group rather than mentioning the entire server. Very useful if you only want to message...
  5. xCausxn

    Music Thread

    Post your favourite music videos below!