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    Map Rotations

    Thanks for letting me know Gono, we switched it to that from RAAS but should be ok to switch it back now !
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    H e l l o

    Welcome :)
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    Hi, I'm Eddie Cyberpunk

    Welcome :D
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    Hi Everyoone

    Welcome @Zaykolsilver :)
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    Hi guys

    Hey @Serina moon light , Welcome to TLR :D
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    Hello, people!

    Welcome to the TLR Forums @Matgr , Hope you have a great time playing GW2 with the community :D
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    Hey @Chris, Welcome to the TLR Forums :D
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    The need for seed!

    The need for seed!
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    Hey Hey @NavoNod
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    Hello, people! c:

    Welcome to the TLR Forums :D
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    hey TLR

    Sweet another person from Wales :P
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    Kaif is here!

    Welcome @MrKaif :D
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    3 Word Game

    I don't know
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    Hey Hey @zxe I think everyone is fine :P
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    Its a me, Kotnik!

    Welcome @bond23869 :) I will play GW2 soon with everyone just havent had the time to sit down and play anything haha
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    3 Word Game

    what the point
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    Squad Map Rotation [2018-09-21]

    Server Map Rotation Fool's Road AAS V3 Kohat AAS V1 OP First Light AAS V1 Al Basrah Invasion V1 Yehorivka AAS V3 Chora AAS V1 Belaya Invasion V2 Gorodok AAS V4 Kokan AAS V1 Logar Valley INS V1 Sumari AAS V2 Chora PAAS V1 Kohat Invasion V1 Al Basrah PAAS V1 Gorodok AAS V3 Narva Invasion V2 OP...
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    Why does this feel like setting up an dating profile?

    Welcome to the community :D
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    The Papst seeks a new community

    Hey @DerPanzerPapst , Glad you saw TLR as the right place to go :) Join us on discord: and Hit Join TLR at the top when you feel ready :P James out!
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