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    Anyone play? I'm a pretty heavy player in the FIFA land. (Yeah I'm a mad football fan as well, Liverpool Lad!) Wouldn't mind a few 1v1's!
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    Section Leader?

    Do we have one for Mordhau? The servers are always mad busy so It'll be nice to start showing faces and recruiting. We could bring in a small rank structure within, and use the duel system for promotions / ranking with scrims participating? This method was heavily used during the good'ol JK2...
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    Liudom's Introduction Speech

    Hey comrades! Not to sure on what to say, never really planned this out. My name is Dean but Liudom (Lu-Dom to pronounce) is fine. Looking at the other intro's kinda put me to shame, I'm no pro or semi-pro and I mostly get my behind handed to me unless its on FIFA. I have been playing games...
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    Return back to TLR - Website Issue

    After applying to join, there wasnt any return link. It's not the end of the world, just thought it'll be useful feedback. Maybe just add "target=_blank" at the end of the link through the code side, just so it'll open up a new window rather than using the same window? Hi, I'm new and applying...