Flying Saucer


My name is Mikk. I'm 23 years old and I live in Estonia. My in-game nickname for Steam and Discord is ''Flying Saucer'' or ''Saucer'' for short, also I use nickname ''PixLid'' in various other platforms and gaming communities [Battle.Net ; Origin ; etc.].

I'm big strategy/shooter/role-play lover and teamwork junkie and I always trying to communicate. I get tired about games that I cannot socialise in, therefore I like online games.

''Saucer, what are you doing outside ''computerworld?''
Well I'm a skilled carpenter and that's my main job. Also I have passion for''Hunting'', ''Bushcraft'' and ''Survival'' techniques, so I spend quite awhile outside exploring the forests and other wild areas and wild animals.

I was in military and I've taken part in some of the biggest military exercises in Europe alongside NATO forces. I've seen and operated alot of guns and other weaponry and military machinery.

I am a big animal lover and proud companion of one mighty dachshund.

I was doing alot of sport, I've been in first league basketball and volleyball, but nowadays work takes up most of my precious time, so I resort to going into gym couple of times a week.

I'm here at TLR because I love gaming, it takes my mind off things, and I like sharing experience and gameplay with other gamers. We're all special somewhat, so I hope I can make TLR better which ultimately get me better aswell!

So I wish all the best to all of you, hope to catch you on Discord or in-game!

Best Regards,
Flying Saucer
Aug 9, 1995 (Age: 24)


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